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Leopard Safaris Tented Camp, Yala

For those going to stay in a tented camp on Safari, this is where you should go. Situated on the edge of the National Park (no camp sites allowed inside), Noel Rodrigo and his team offer an amazing tented experience, with delicious food and incredibly knowledgeable guides. Added to which, the visit an area of the Park which is not heavily visited, so sightings of leopard are really good.


Galle Fort - UN World Heritage Site

As economic development in Sri Lanka began to take place in the 1990's Galle Fort was identified by the Sri Lankan government as one of the country's key cultural and heritage tourism destinations and today it is considered one of the best examples of a living fortified city built by Europeans in South and South East Asia. It only takes a walk through the streets to realize that it has a colourful & complex history dominated by over four hundred years of European rule (Portuguese 1505 - 1639, Dutch 1640 – 1795 & British 1796 - 1954). There is so much to discover and it is best to do it on foot. We will provide you with a map as well as our shopping & eating guide to ensure that you discover the best of this Fort


It's Market Time

Sri Lanka has so many exotic fruits, vegetables and a huge range of seafood, all of which are sold in the local markets. Our 'It's Market Time' experience takes you to the busy market town of Galle where you will explore the colourful fruit, vegetable and fish markets. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with an extensive range of fresh Sri Lankan produce, and to also get an insight into how so many people rely on the markets to make a living. One of our staff will accompany you, ensuring that you get the most out of the market experience.


Whale Watching

Thanks to the island's leading wildlife expert Gehan de Silva Wijeyratne, it was recently discovered (in 2008) that Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world for spotting Blue Whales – one of the most majestic mammals. It is an amazing thought that the Blue Whale is the largest living animal on earth! It is even more phenomenal to see this incredible mammal and other Whale species, not once but five or more times in the space of a few hours just off the coast of Galle. Whilst out spotting whales you will also see large pods of entertaining Spinner Dolphins! This is a trip that should not be missed, from January through to April each year.


Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain Forest Take a half -day excursion, leaving first thing, and visit this lush forest, which is filled with native plants and animals. You can visit the bat cave and finished off with a dip in the stream at the end, before enjoying a rice and curry lunch, before heading back to KK.


Bird Watchers Paradise

Sri Lanka is a twitcher's paradise with 435 resident species and 26 endemic birds. There are many areas that are hidden treasures for incredible bird watching. We recommend a trip to Labuduwa Forest Patch, Wakwella Wetland, Beeke Lake and many more hidden areas just within 30 minutes from KK. Alternatively take a walk in the immediate vicinity. For the truly lazy ones, simply sit back and admire the incredible bird life from the balcony or verandah of your room!

The Buddhist Experience

Our Guide will take you to a selection of nearby temples, including Pilana, Kathaluwa and Yatagala Temple – this last one is a wonderful Buddhist temple just bursting with religious sentiment, and built into the rocks. HE will explain some of the mysteries of Buddhism, pointing out the stories of the Lord Buddha's life as painted in the temples.


Sun, Sand and Sea

Kahanda Kanda is just 10 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches. If you would like to spend the morning or the day on the beach our two favourites are Wijaya and Mirissa. Sit on the beach and enjoy a seafood lunch at either of these beaches. In doing this you will be supporting local businesses – something that KK encourages. For those that want to surf, Hikkaduwa and Weligama are not far from KK. Closer to home is Why Beach, a small beach club where you can swim in the ocean, laze on a sun lounger and eat delicious home made Italian pasta. We provide a complimentary tuk tuk shuttle service for guests who wish to go there.



Go with a guide in the KK boat across the lake to Talathuduwa Temple Island, where you can visi the temple, followed by a visit to a Spice garden. After that you can visit a Fish spa – have your feet nibbled at – and then to a small neighbouring island where you learn all about cinnamon. Finally you will taken to an uninhabited island and served a refreshing cup of tea.



There is no better way to get a feel for a local community and an area than on a bicycle. Idle Bikes provide an escorted biked ride, usually starting at KK and finishing with cocktails and a swim at Wijaya on the coast. The guides will take you off the beaten track, around the edge of paddy fields, and you go at your own pace. Everybody loves the experience..